Montag, 31. Oktober 2011


... das kann man nicht kommentieren ...

F.: G., it's better you get an "official" approval from Cxxx
G.: for what?
F.: for the test
G.: how do I do that?
F.: who's your project boss?
G.: You!
G.: didn't anyone tell you!?
F.: hold on, I'll check my payroll
G.: foolish
G.: didn't Oliver decide he didn't have time?
G.: Simon is er CRM? will that do?
G.: depends what boss you want, have we got a manager for getting feed change approvals? quick hire one
F.: I'll speak with A.
F.: but I can say with high confidence that we are now fine
G.: not trying to be clever, I really don't have any idea who to ask!

... ohne Worte ...